Aelf (ELF) Price Prediction – 175% Increase in Two Weeks (ELF Coin Price Chart 2018)

Aelf Prediction 2018, ELF Forecast and Price Charts – When to buy ELF? What is the ELF price today? ELF Forecast, Short term and Long term Price Predictions for Next Months and Year: 2018, 2019 and 2020.


AELF is a scalable blockchain platform that uses multi-chain architecture and parallel processing to make itself the “decentralized cloud computing blockchain”. Its inception is based on the reasoning that one blockchain cannot satisfy the scalability, availability, and flexibility characteristics that an Ideal blockchain should have.  It also allows side chains to join and leave the main chain dynamically.


Aelf started its life as Grid, an initiative built, maintained and supported by the Grid foundation in Singapore. Due to some naming clashes and confusions with a company by the name Grid+, the name was changed to AELF in November of 2017. The project itself was announced in October of 2017 with the private placement ending in December.


If the claim of “decentralized cloud computing blockchain” sounds a bit too far-fetched, its because it is very hard to get it right. The biggest obstacle is that they will have to build a complete operating system to get it working. It has one main chain and multiple side chains. Each chain is dedicated to a single task and single type of operation. The ELF tokens are used to pay for every transaction and is based on the delayed proof-of-stake algorithm. It can also communicate with other blockchains.


The best place to store the ELF’s you have bought is MyEtherWallet because it is based on ECR20-standard. Create a wallet in MyEtherWallet and make note of the address and the keystore file safely. Then buy some Ethereum from exchanges like Coinbase and etc and then use services like Binance to exchange it for Aelf.


Aelf is an ambitious project and can be a good option to invest. The value as of 21-2-2017 is $1.38. For every 100$ you invest in ELF today, you will get around 72.46 ELF coins. The currency is set to see a long-term increase in price based on our forecasts. A five-year prognosis places the currency at 15.206 USD. Today’s price is 1.39 USD with a supply of 250,000,000 ELF tokens. The market cap sits at $343,785,000 and has a trading volume of $19,345,000. Aelf price prediction, ELF price forecast, ELF price and news, Aelf price forecast, ELF price prediction 2018, What is the price of Aelf 2018.

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