Aeon (AEON) Price Prediction May 2018 to 2020 – AEON Price Chart and News!

Aeon Price Prediction 2018, Aeon Forecast and Price Charts – When to buy Aeon? What is the Aeon price today? Aeon Forecast, Short term and Long term Price Predictions for Next Months and Year: 2018, 2019 and 2020.


Aeon is looking to make blockchain more mobile friendly. As of 1-4-2018, the price of Aeon stands at $1.42. You will get 70.42 AEON tokens for your 100$ investment. A long-term price increase is expected based on our forecasts. The five-year prognosis places Aeon at 8.533 USD. The price today is $1.418. There are 15,667,619 AEON tokens out there and the market cap is $22,226,398. The trading volume is at $16,558. Aeon Price prediction, Aeon Price forecast, Aeon Price and news, Aeon Price forecast, Aeon Price prediction 2018, What is the price of Aeon 2018.


The Aeon project is the lightweight brother of the CryptoNote coin. It is built to ensure that the use of blockchain doesn’t have to be restricted to more powerful computing devices. It promises a secure and untraceable network for all your financial transactions. It is primarily a fork of Monero coin and has the same supply and is being developed by the same person who is also working on Monero. Also in the works is a feature that lets you run an entire node on a smartphone.


Aeon was originally developed as a form of the popular Monero coin in July of 2014. The project was launched by an anonymous developer on the Bitcoin forum. The project was then abandoned by the original team in October of 2017. The project was then picked back up by smooth who was also working on Monero. The project then got a new roadmap.


The platform uses a smaller scratchpad of 1MB that makes it very easy on mobile devices. It also uses a lighter version of the PoW consensus algorithm that also makes its verification faster. The chain reduces age-based attack using chain pruning. The block time is around four minutes making it faster than Bitcoin. If you concerned about fast transactions then there is a traceable way of payments and is much faster than the regular transactions.


Aeon can be bought using the famous combo of Coinbase and Bittrex. You can begin by getting yourself some Bitcoin which you can do at places like Coinbase. You can then transfer them to any of the exchanges like Bittrex. You can do this by adding an Aeon wallet and then head over to Coinbase and send it to Bittrex. Then just exchange it for Aeon coins and store it in the official wallet.

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