BitShares (BTS) Price Prediction – 208% Increase in Two Weeks (BTS Coin Price Chart 2018)


Bitshares is the default currency token of the open-source, real-time and public financial platform, BitShares. This currency can be used to pay for transactions on the network and as a collateral for loans. The network is fully decentralized with the transactions happening directly, rather than having a centralized authority watching over.


The idea of Bitshares was put forward by founder Dan Larimer in June 2013. The first working concept was shown off in October of 2013 at Atlanta. Then later that year in December he developed a derivative of the Proof Of Stake algorithm called Delegated Proof Of Stake which is the algorithm on which the BitsShares platform is built. The platform went public in July of 2013 and the first coin was mined in late 2015. The platform got a major update and BitShares 2.0 was launched in mid-2015.


Bitshares’s decentralized nature means you don’t need a central authority to trade your cryptocurrencies. All the exchanges happen directly between the buyer and the seller. The rate at which the currencies can be exchanged between users is determined by BitShares. The currency in Bitshares network is called Bitshares and the user will receive a number of Bitshares corresponding to Bitcoin numbers and will need to pay a certain number of BitShares to the Ethereum seller.


The first thing you can do is to create a BitShare wallet to store the coins you buy. You can go to this and then create a wallet. As with many other wallets, you will be asked to enter a password which will be a jumbled mess of letters and numbers. As this is the only way to access your coins and wallet, be sure to keep it somewhere safe and accessible. After creating the wallet, you can head over to any of the popular exchanges to buy either Bitcoin or Ethereum. You can then use services like Binance to convert the Bitcoin or Ethereum to BitShares.


BitShares is a fantastic alternative to Bitcoin and Ethereum. The price of BitShares stands at 0.25675 USD. Say you invested 100 dollars to but BitShares, you will get around 389.4 BTS’s. According to our forecasts, the currency is expected to see a long-term increase in price. A five-year price prediction places the value at 0.630 USD. The value of Bitshare today is 0.2594 USD and the market cap sits at $669,801,698. BitShares has a current supply of 2,608,770,000 coins and the volume is at $19,936,000. BitShares price prediction, BitShares price forecast, BitShares price and news, BTS price forecast, BTS price prediction 2018, What is the price of BitShares 2018.

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