Edgeless (EDG) Price Prediction March 2018 to 2020 – EDG Price Chart and News!

Edgeless Price Prediction 2018, Edgeless Forecast and Price Charts – When to buy Edgeless? What is the EDG price today? EDG Forecast, Short term and Long term Price Predictions for Next Months and Year: 2018, 2019 and 2020.


Edgeless is promising a fully transparent and 0% edge gambling. As of 8-3-2017, the price of EDG stands at $0.77592 USD. You will get 128.8 EDG tokens for your 100$ investment. We are expecting a long-term price increase based on our forecasts. The five-year prognosis places EDGELESS at 7.597 USD. The price today is $0.7580. There are 82,046,276 EDG‘s out there and the market cap is $63,661,018. The trading volume is at $2,713,670. EDG price prediction, Edgeless price forecast, EDG price and news, EDG price forecast, EDG price prediction 2018, What is the price of EDG 2018.


Edgeless is publicizing itself as the world’s first online casino based on the Ethereum smart contract. The biggest differentiator is the very low house edge of the hosted games. It goes as low as 0.05% on micro limit dice games and only 0.83 on their blackjack games. Theis makes it lucrative for those experienced gamblers who have the knack to win against the odds. The use of blockchain technology also ensures transparency in the games.


Edgeless started its life back in early 2016 with them announcing their crowdsale in December 2016 and conducted it in February to March of 2017. The edgeless lounge went live in Q2 2017 along with the release of the 0% BlackJack and Video Joker. The Dice game, Poker and Sports betting are scheduled to go live in Q2 and Q3 in 2018.


Edgeless if implemented properly can be a revolutionary change in online gambling. Edgeless is not the first cryptocurrencies in the market to be used by casinos but it is the first that offers true transparency. The system is provably fair and the only edge that it has is the inevitable human error edge. The users who are signed in to the Edgeless lounge who also hold tokens will automatically get a 40% of the profit share.


Edgeless is based on Ethereum and Ethereum smart contracts and can be stored in the popular wallet MyEtherWallet. Create your first wallet and then store the important information. Then use marketplaces like coinbase to buy some BTC/ETH and then transfer it to an exchange like LiveCoin. Then exchange it for EDG on Livecoin and store it on the MyEtherwallet you created earlier.


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