Gas (GAS) Price Prediction – 196% Increase in Two Weeks (GAS Coin Price Chart 2018)

Gas Price Prediction 2018, GAS Forecast and Price Charts – When to buy GAS? What is the GAS price today? GAS Forecast, Short term and Long term Price Predictions for Next Months and Year: 2018, 2019 and 2020.


Gas (GAS) is one of the two default tokens that are used to pay for transactions on the NEO network. NEO is an Ethereum-like platform in its second generation with abilities like an advanced, open source API. It was developed in China and currently hosts a number of ICO projects.


The NEO platform which was the first blockchain platform in China started out as AntShares in 2014. It uses a smart contracts system similar to that used by Ethereum and has its own proprietary token system. Some parts of the project are still under development. The first publically available product was a “Gas market dApp” and after the rebranding from AntShares has had a shaky journey with large swings in values.


As said before Gas is one of the two native tokens of the NEO blockchain. In At first 100 million, NEO tokens and zero Gas tokens were created. Gas is distributed to all NEO holding addresses at 8 Gas per block with a 15-20 seconds time in between. No new Gas will be generated when the number of Gas coins equals the number of NEO coins out there. The primary use of Gas is a flexible fee for every transaction made on the network. It is also used to conduct governance votes on the network.


One way to buy Gas is to use the popular cryptocurrency and altcoin aggregator service Coinswitch. If you aready own Bitcoin, you can use it. if you don’t you can buy it as described here. Visit Coinswitch and select BTC and GAS at the top and bottom respectively. Then trade in your bitcoins and enter your wallet address. Then once the order goes through, your wallet will be receiving Gas coins.


Gas is wonderful option to buy as it is scarce and has higher demand. The value as of 19-2-2018 is at 47.30 USD. For 100$ you will get somewhere around 2.11 GAS coins. Based on the industry trends and our forecast, there will be a long-term increase in price. In five years the value prognosis is at around 450.156 USD. The price today is 47.65$ with a market cap of $461,260,763. The volume traded is $4,777,580 and there is a supply of 9,752,535 GAS coins out there. Gas price prediction, GAS price forecast, GAS price and news, GAS price forecast, GAS price prediction 2018, What is the price of Gas 2018.



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