Hshare (HSR) Price Prediction – 175% Increase in Two Weeks (HSR Coin Price Chart 2018)

Hshare Price Prediction 2018, Hshare Forecast and Price Charts – When to buy HSR? What is the HSR price today? HSR Forecast, Short term and Long term Price Predictions for Next Months and Year: 2018, 2019 and 2020.


Hshare (HSR) was developed as a pre-launch token for the cross-platform cryptocurrency Hcash. Hcash stands for Hypercash, which aims to create a bridge between blockchain-based currencies like BTC, ETH, and blockless currencies like BYTE and IOTA. Hcash is trying to be the first of the lot to allow for valuable transactions from block-based to blockless systems while others only allow for simpler communications. Hcash is self-regulatory courtesy of being a DAO and can operate without any human intervention under a set of business rules.


The team behind HCash consists of 3 people having experience in finance and computer science. In addition to this, there is also Advisory Board and Research Committee which acts as a guide to help the platform achieve its goals. The main reasons for the development of Hcash are to build a better version of the existing blockchain systems and to have a new standard of value system. These efforts become a huge success as it rose to a billion dollar market capitalization within a month after it initial ICO in last July. The main chain for this platform is expected to be released in mid-February 2018.


Like some of the newer platforms, the Hcash blockchain uses a hybrid PoW / PoS model. It acts as a side chain that is compatible with both blockchains and blockless cryptocurrencies. The platform enables users to perform transactions using a wide variety of cryptocurrencies directly through the blockchain. After the launch of the platform, Hshares will be directly exchangeable with the newer Hcash at a 1:1 ratio. Users will have a 10-month window to exchange Hshare coins with Hcash after which Hshare coins will be destroyed.


The best way to buy and store Hshares is an official wallet. You can download one from here. After installing and giving it the necessary network permissions, then create a secure password to encrypt your wallet. Create a backup of your wallet from the file menu and then find the receivers address in the receive tab. Then use any popular exchanges to buy Ethereum and then use bInance to exchange it for Hshare.


Hshare has been getting a lot of rave reviews recently. The prices as of 19-2-2018 stand at 12.56 USD.  So, for a 100$ investment, you will be getting around 8 HSR coins. Based on our forecasts, a long-term price increase is expected with a five-year price prognosis placing the currency 104.586 USD. The price of HSR today is 12.13 USD. There is a supply of around 42,641,525 HSR coins and the market cap is at $535,522,118. The traded volume sits at $74,430,600. Hshare price prediction, Hshare price forecast, Hshare price and news, HSR price forecast, HSR price prediction 2018, What is the price of Hshare 2018.

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