Maker (MKR) Price Prediction – 238% Increase in Two Weeks (MKR Coin Price Chart 2018)


Maker (MKR) is a governance and utility token that is based on Ethereum and runs on the Maker smart contract platform. The primary use of Maker is to stabilize that value of its stable crypto brother, Dai against USD. It also provides leverage and liquidity for the ERC20 exchange OasisDEX, which sells other Ethereum-based tokens including Maker and Dai.


Maker was first announced in August of 2015 and was dubbed as the “first tradeable token on the Ethereum network.” It funded itself by issuing MKR tokens for BTC and ETH through its own proprietary exchange, before launching the Maker platform in April ’16. The project was headed by Rune Christensen aimed to create a “centralized decentralized” bank for Ethereum. This asset later becomes Dai, the stable token whose value is stabilized by Maker.


The Maker platform itself operates based on the principles of its parent firm, the Digitally Autonomous Organization. Makers rely heavily on the power of Artificial Intelligence to regulate itself and stabilize the value of the Dai. The Maker platform enables anyone to generate Dai by using collateral assets and exchange them for Dai. This works on a debt based system that allows the holder to get his assets back on clearing the debt. It uses Smart contracts created using dynamic risk parameters to issue Collateralized Debt Positions to control all transactions.


Since it is based on the ECR20 Ethereum token standard and is a standard Ethereum based token, they need to be stored in a compatible wallet like MyEtherWallet. Create a new wallet on this and store both your Keystore file and private key. Then open the new wallet using the aforementioned files and then buy some Ethereum to exchange. Then use an exchange like to exchange Ethereum with Maker and send it to the previously created wallet.


Maker is a great currency to invest in. The Maker price is now equal to 1,112.42 USD at 2018-02-16. If you want to invest say 100 dollars to buy Maker, you will get a total of 0.08 SNT’s. Our forecasts predict a long-term increase in the price with prognosis for 2023-02-10 putting the value at 11903.9 US Dollars. Today’s price of the Maker is $1123.86 and have a current supply of 618,228 Maker coins. Its market cap value is $687,728,936 and the volume stands at $967,335. Maker price prediction, Maker price forecast, Maker price and news, MKR price forecast, MKR price prediction 2018, What is the price of Maker 2018.


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