NAV Coin (NAV) Price Prediction – 262% Increase in Two Weeks (NAV Coin Price Chart 2018)

NAV Coin Prediction 2018, NAV COIN Forecast and Price Charts – When to buy NAV COIN? What is the NAV COIN price today? NAV COIN Forecast, Short term and Long term Price Predictions for Next Months and Year: 2018, 2019 and 2020.


NAV Coin was one of the first of the cryptocurrencies to acknowledge and fix the privacy and speed related shortcomings of Bitcoin. It was for the most part based on the Bitcoin blockchain but had some added features and improvements. The NAV Coin was faster with a block time of 30 seconds and uses a proof-of-stake algorithm.


NAV Coin’s inception dates back to 2014 when it was publically released. The official forum launched in 2017 along with an upgrade to the core code. The RPC redesign and website redesign occurred in February 2017. The beta version 4.0.0 and Q1 software launch happened in March of 2017. A new application platform titled Valence is set to launch in 2018 allowing developers to use the blockchain tech in their apps.


NAV Coin is not a single blockchain but two, the main chain and a sub chain. When a user sends some NAV Coin to someone else, they have to give the amount and recipients address to the platform’s incoming server. the server then created a randomly sized transaction in the sub chain which then encrypts and completes the transaction. After which the amount sent is replenished in the pool by the main server. This breaks the chain from sender to receiver and provides privacy.


NAV Coin is among the easiest to buy as it supports instant exchange with USD. The exchange that allows this pair is Changelly. All you need to do is to create an account on both Changelly and NAV Coin, enter either the USD amount or the NAV amount, then just exchange. There is an official wallet that can be sued to store these coins.


NAV Coin improves upon Bitcoin and delivers a faster and safer experience. As of 4-3-2017, the price of NAV COIN stands at $1.92 USD. You will get 52.08 NAV COIN tokens for a 100$ investment. We expect a long-term price increase based on our forecasts. The five-year prognosis places NAV COIN at 4.282 USD. The price today is $1.91. There is a supply of 62,521,926 NAV COIN‘s and the market cap is $119,972,698. The trading volume is at $809,755. NAV COIN price prediction, NAV Coin price forecast, NAV COIN price and news, NAV COIN price forecast, NAV COIN price prediction 2018, What is the price of NAV COIN 2018.


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