SmartMesh (SMT) Price Prediction March 2018 to 2020 – SMT Price Chart and News!

SmartMesh Price Prediction 2018, SmartMesh Forecast and Price Charts – When to buy Quantum Resistant Ledger? What is the SmartMesh price today? SmartMesh Forecast, Short term and Long term Price Predictions for Next Months and Year: 2018, 2019 and 2020.


SmartMesh is building cheaper, smarter, and faster internet by developing a token based internet protocol. As of 18-3-2018, the price of SmartMesh stands at $0.02624 USD. You will get 3810.97 SmartMesh tokens for your 100$ investment. A long-term price increase is expected based on our forecasts. The five-year prognosis places SmartMesh at 0.211 USD. The price today is $0.02581. There are 1,413,716,694 SmartMesh out there and the market cap is $37,096,774. The trading volume is at $5,565,760. SmartMesh Price prediction, SmartMesh Price forecast, SmartMesh Price and news, SmartMesh Price forecast, SmartMesh Price prediction 2018, What is the price of SmartMesh 2018.


SmartMesh calls itself as a “user Autonomous Communication protocol” that gives smartphone users with incentives in return for allowing SmartMesh to use the smartphone to build a mesh network. SmartMesh will build P2P mesh networks that run parallel to the normal  Internet. It is fully decentralized and is controlled by smart hardware, software, and protocols. It also allows IoT devices across the globe to connect with each other without needing conventional internet or telecom services.


The development on SmartMesh started in early 2017 with the announcement coming in October 2017. The whitepaper was released a month later and they had their ICO in November of 2017 where they sold around 40% of the total tokens. A mobile off- internet communication system and a mobile light wallet were also developed. A mobile off- internet payment and micropayment system, The Swarm Extension Protocol and more are planned for 2018. 


SmartMesh is based on the smartphone ecosystem. It works in parallel with the internet on the Ethereum blockchain. The network is basically a mesh on nodes that transfer data between them and pay the carrier node who transfer the data in the native crypto token. There is also the ability for someone with huge data plans to share it with others and get paid while doing so.


SmartMesh coins can be acquired by becoming a node in the network or sharing your internet with other users. The other way is to buy it from an exchange. You can’t use fiat cash to do so and requires to have either BTC or ETH with you. You can buy either of them from Coinbase. Once you have them, deposit it to a supporting exchange like Gate and then trade it for SMT tokens.



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