Status (SNT) Price Prediction – 178% Increase in Two Weeks (SNT Coin Price Chart 2018)



Status is an open source platform and mobile UI to facilitate interactions with applications that work on top of the Ethereum network. Status token or Status is the official currency of the platform. The platform also makes it very easy for ÐApps developers to list their apps on it. It also allows users to make transactions within the fully encrypted chat inside their mobile apps.


The initial steps that lead to the creation of Status started in mid-2015 with founders Jarrad Hope and Carl Bennetts porting the Ethereum Java implementation to Android. It was initially planned to be a ÐApp browser but then was made into a combination of messaging app and a browser. The first barebones alpha release went public in Q4 2016. The network itself went public on May 29th, 2017. The latest version is Status Alpha 0.9.13.


Status’s mobile wallet allows real-time usage of every feature of the Ethereum network.  The user will be able to create a Status wallet and load it with Status coins (SNT). It is fully compatible with Decentralised Apps (DApps) and has the ability to execute Smart Contracts, built on top of the Ethereum network. Other features include the ability to verify digital identity, invest in prediction market, trade in digital asset exchange, join job portal, form digital companies, buy insurance, share owned contents and many more. The interlinked transactions use Smart Contracts and are fully automated. Since Status runs on a p2p network al transactions and information are completely decentralized.


As with some other cryptocurrencies, Status is not easy to get your hands own. The best way is to use the popular Ethereum wallet MyEtherWallet. You have to create an account in MyEtherWallet by going to their website. Then download and store the Keystore file onto your system. Then you will be given a private key and the ability to enter a password. You can then open your wallet using the Keystore file and password. Take a note of your wallet address. Then buy some Ethereum and then use any of the popular exchanges like Binance to exchange the ethereum you bought with Status using your wallet address.


Status can be a profitable investment option. Status price equal to 0.22842 USD at 2018-02-16. If you buy some Status coins for 100 dollars today, you will get a total of 437.7 SNT’s. Based on our forecasts, a long-term increase is expected, the price prognosis for 2023-02-10 is 3.687 US Dollars. Status (SNT) price today is $0.2145 and have a current supply of 3,470,483,788 SNT. The market cap value is $792,717,495 and the volume is marked as $56,937,300. Status price prediction, Status price forecast, Status price and news, SNT price forecast, SNT price prediction 2018, What is the price of Status 2018.

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