Stellar (XLM) Price Prediction – 210% Increase in Two Weeks (XLM Price Chart 2018)


Stellar(XLM) is the official currency used in the Stellar network. It offers a peer-to-peer fund transaction in real-time. It is primarily aimed at microtransactions and international payments. It is also an open-source protocol for money exchange.


The concept for Stellar was put together in 2014 and the coin and network were made public in November of 2015. Stellar initially was a fork of the RIpple protocol but was completely rewritten in 2015 when it went public.


It works basically like any other cryptocurrency does and needs both wallet address and the transferred amount to initiate any transaction. The transaction information will be processed by the ledgers in order to validate the transaction. The amount then gets transferred from ender’s account to the receiver’s account. On top of this Stellar inter-currency conversions, thanks to the integrated distributed exchange allowing the sender to send the money in any currency they like and Stellar will handle the conversion.


To buy Stellar coins, you have to first create a Stellar wallet. You can either use any supported online wallet, like Stronghold or any desktop or mobile wallet, like StellarTerm or Lobstr respectively. Then go to any online cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, Bittrex, Poloniex, Kraken to buy the currency. This is because at present there is no trustable way to buy it using any credit or debit cards. Then use the wallet you created to withdraw and store your Lumens.


Stellar is a great option when it comes to investing in cryptocurrencies. The value of Stellar sits at $0.34473. So, an investment of 100$ now will give you 290 Stellar Lumens. According to our forecasts, the currency is expected to see a good progress in the coming years and will increase in value multiple times over and the prognosis value is expected to be $1.157. Then your hundred dollars will give you around $335 in return. The market cap of Stellar stands at $6,354,046,567 and its volume over the last 24 hours is $415,239,000. Stellar Blocknet price today, price chart, Stellar history, Stellar wallets, Stellar exchanges, where to buy Stellar, Stellar mining, how to buy Stellar.



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