Substratum (SUB) Price Prediction – 174% Increase in Two Weeks (SUB Coin Price Chart 2018)

Substratum Prediction 2018, SUB Forecast and Price Charts – When to buySUB? What is the SUB price today? SUB Forecast, Short term and Long term Price Predictions for Next Months and Year: 2018, 2019 and 2020.


Substratum is basically a global network of computing nodes that are voluntarily reserving their spare resources to make the internet more decentralized. The system works in a way that each of these nodes gets rewarded once they contribute to the whole network. The entire network uses the native currency SUB for all transactions.


Substratum was founded in February 2017 by Justin Tabb, Abram Cookson, B.J. Allmon. The website and whitepaper launch occurred in July of 2017 and the second version of the website and ICO token sale happened in August. The token started to hit the exchanges in September 2017. The launch of the third version of the website and the private alpha test went public in December.


The basic idea behind Substratum is to allow anyone the ability to host and access web content on their network. Downloading and installing the Substratum software makes your system a mini-server. The system continues to run in the background, intelligently optimizing resource usage. Each node gets paid on the basis of their contribution and the currency of choice is Substrate, the native currency. 


Substratum is a coin that is growing in demand thanks to the uncertainty about net neutrality. A number of exchanges have already listed Substratum like Binance, KuCoin, EtherDelta, HitBTC, COSS, and TidEx.  The best way to buy this right now is through Binance, as it is one of the best out there. You can only trade BTC/ETH to buy Substratum and if you don’t have them already, you can buy them from Coinbase. Then exchange it for SUB on Binance and store it on any wallet that supports Ethereum coins like MyEtherWallet.


SUBSTRATUM tries to decentralize the entire web using their own network. As of 2-3-2017, the price of SUB is $0.56509 USD. You can get 176.96 SUB tokens for your 100$. Based on our forecasts, a long-term price increase is expected. Our five-year prognosis places SUB at USD 12.420. The price today is $0.5508. There is a total supply of 226,091,449 SUB‘s and the market cap is $127,761,565. The trading volume stands at $1,819,010. SUB price prediction, Substratum price forecast, SUB price and news, SUB price forecast, SUB price prediction 2018, What is the price of SUB 2018.


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