U.CASH (UCASH) Price Prediction – 205% Increase in Two Weeks (UCASH Coin Price Chart 2018)

U.CASH Price Prediction 2018, UCASH Forecast and Price Charts – When to buy U.CASH? What is the U.CASH price today? U.CASH Forecast, Short term and Long term Price Predictions for Next Months and Year: 2018, 2019 and 2020.


U.CASH (UCASH) put the emphasis the global availability of financial services thanks to its novel blockchain based on tokens. They create bridges that connect local fiat cash and digital currencies through a network of intermediaries to achieve this. U.CASH is compliant with both KYC and AML requirements through the use of adaptive conversion algorithms.


This Canada based platform started out as a payment processing service that focused on the secure, legal digital into fiat currency conversion. The public announcement came in 2017 from a team of brilliant engineers and experienced advisors. An “Initial Bounty Offering” program was conducted after some fundraising and giveaways to reward contributors with U.CASH Tokens. It became the fastest growing cryptocurrency ever when It rose less than half a penny an astounding $0.23 in a matter of two days.


U.CASH, unlike others, runs on its unique blockchain described as a hybrid of the best features of bitcoin, Ethereum, and Zcash. The interactive Ethereum based tokes are compliant with the ECR20 standard. Since U.CASH is cross-blockchain talk-enabled, its blockchain can interact with representative mirror tokens of U.Cash on other platforms. What sets U.CASH apart from others is that while it provides a built-in exchange, multi-signature wallets, and smart contracts, it also offers decentralized wallet data back up and other account information.


Since it is relatively new to the market. it is not easy to buy U.CASH coins now. The best way is to buy some Bitcoin or Ethereum using any of the popular exchanges like Coinbase. Since you can only buy a limited number of currencies from Coinbase, you will have to transfer this BTC or ETH to a secondary exchange. At present the most popular one that supports U.CASH is BTC-Alpha. Set up and account for BTC-Alpha and then transfer the BTC or ETH to it through your BTC-Alpha wallet. then use that to buy U.CASH directly from BTC-Alpha.


U.CASH is having a great time now with its prices going up rapidly. The prices as of 17-2-2018 stand at 0.07119 USD.  This means for a 100$ investment you will be getting around 1404.6 UCASH coins. Based on recent trends, we are expecting to see a long-term price increase. A five-year price prognosis places the currency at 8.5 USD. The price of U.CASH today is 0.06835 USD. There are around 8,645,257,736 supplied coins and the market cap is at $615,474,918. The traded volume sits at $542,035. U.CASH price prediction, U.CASH price forecast, U.CASH price and news, UCASH price forecast, UCASH price prediction 2018, What is the price of U.CASH 2018.

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