Unobtanium (UNO) Price Prediction March 2018 to 2020 – UNO Price Chart and News!

Unobtanium Price Prediction 2018, Unobtanium Forecast and Price Charts – When to buy Unobtanium? What is the Unobtanium price today? Unobtanium Forecast, Short term and Long term Price Predictions for Next Months and Year: 2018, 2019 and 2020.


Unobtanium is a rare and low inflation token made using the SHA256 algorithm. As of 25-3-2018, the price of Unobtanium stands at $155.68. You will get 0.64 UNO tokens for your 100$ investment. A long-term price increase is expected based on our forecasts. The five-year prognosis places Unobtanium at 281.982 USD. The price today is $154.398. There are 198,401 UNO tokens out there and the market cap is $30,886,091. The trading volume is at $27,739. Unobtanium Price prediction, Unobtanium Price forecast, Unobtanium Price and news, Unobtanium Price forecast, Unobtanium Price prediction 2018, What is the price of Unobtanium 2018.


The project is as rare as the impossible metal with which it shares the name. While the metal is a matter of science fiction, the coin is very much real. The rarity is thanks to the fact that there will only be 250,000 coins ever mined. The coin is secure courtesy of SHA256 algorithm. It is much faster than bitcoin due to it being merged mined with Bitcoin. The coin was never pre-mined and this ensures fairness. To make it fairer than any other coin, the first thousand blocks were mined at a much lower reward points so as to give miners time to set their equipment up.


Unobtanium’s rarity can be rooted back to its founder who himself remains in the shadows till date. He is known under the name Blazr2. The coin was developed in 2013 and was launched fairly. The lead developer is Bryce Weiner, a famous and respected member of the community. A person under the name , FallingKnife works as thee community manager and Learnminer acts as a volunteer.


Unobtanium is a odd-one-out in the crypto industry, where every coin is pre-mined. The launch of UNO was provable and undisputedly fair and the lack of pre-mining meant that everyone had equal chance of getting the coin rather than having it given to a certain group of people before the general public. Unobtanium is scarce and limited supply with only 196,875 Proof of Work Unо will be mined before .0001 minimum block subsidies take impact at block 612,000.


Unobtanium is also a rarity when it comes to instruction on how to buy them. It can obviously be mined but for those who cant mine, the site has a detailed guide and the first step is to use Coinbase to buy Bitcoin. Then head over to the popular exchange Bittrex and then deposit the BTC onto the Bittrex account. Select the UNO/BTC pair from the menu and trade it. The official wallet is the best option to store these.





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