Verge (XVG) Price Prediction – 228% Increase in Two Weeks (XVG Coin Price Chart 2018)


Verge (sym.XVG) is a privacy-focused, decentralized and open-source crypto coin that ensures transaction anonymity by making the IP address and geolocation of its users unintelligible, thanks to its use of Tor and I2P.  Verge has been seeing some great growth rates in recent times.


Verge is the revamped version of DogeCoinDark that started its life in October 2014 and underwent a branding change in 2016 to Verge. The rebrand was announced on a thread in May 2015. Ensuring that existing DogeCoinDark owners would be able to use some exchanges to get credited for Vergcoins.  In February 2016 the rebrand was made public via a thread on bitcointalk under the new Verge name. The team behind Verge joined hands with communities and users, gathering information about various exchanges, to add support for various vendors and eventually added support for Electrum wallet.


Verge is Proof of Work coin that uses multiple algorithms for enhanced security. Since it uses multiple algorithms and switches between them, thereby providing increased security. It makes use of “stealth addresses” that masks the details of senders and recipients during transactions. The sender will first transmit funds to a series of anonymous addresses that can only be recovered by the actual recipient. Verge’s block times are twice as fast as Dogecoins at 30 seconds, allowing it to complete transactions with a 5-10 second speed average. This increases speed, scalability, and reliability. Pushing security even further is the use of TOR powered Electrum desktop wallet.


The first thing that you have to do is to create your own wallet. You can do that on their official webpage by downloading a wallet file that is suitable for your system. Then start the application and make sure that “create wallet” is selected. Then follow the instructions while making sure to save the seed and password that you will enter somewhere safe. If you lose your password, then your coins will not be accessible and the seed is to reopen your wallet in case of device loss or theft. After opening the wallet and connecting to the servers, just press receive to start acquiring Verge.


Verge is gaining in popularity with miners as a reliable option to make some money. The value of Verge sits at 0.06245 USD as of 2018-2-16. If you invest say 100 USD to buy some, you will get around 1621 Verge coins. According to our forecasts, the coins are set for a progressive increase in value to 0.2038 USD by 11-02-2018. The price today is 0.02637 USD and the current supply is at 14,787,843,171 XVG’s. Verge has a market cap of 923,542,212 USD and the volume is at 24,612,800.

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