Veritaseum (VERI) Price Prediction – 195% Increase in Two Weeks (VERI Coin Price Chart 2018)

Veritaseum Price Prediction 2018, Veritaseum Forecast and Price Charts – When to buy VERI? What is the VERI price today? VERI Forecast, Short term and Long term Price Predictions for Next Months and Year: 2018, 2019 and 2020.


Veritaseum is behind the peer to peer and fully decentralized crypto-token called Veritas (sym. VERI) and offers a platform to trade any digital asset without the intervention from any third party. People often use Veritaseum and Veritas interchangeably. It also provides individuals and corporations a platform to perform trades without brokers, loans without banks and contracts without lawyers. You can consider Veritaseum as a programmable ‘bittorrent’ for money and value.


Veritaseum launched in 2013 as the brainchild of Reggie Middleton and Matt Bogosian. The alpha version started running by the end of 2013. In the same year, the parent organization filed for a patent for their technology. In May of 2017, it gathered around $51 million from a token sale conducted as a beta. The current reserve for future transactions is $100 million and the stable version is expected to be released in 2018. Just after their ICO, founder Reggie reported a hack and reported around $8 million as stolen.


Veritaseum offers a fully autonomous and localized wallet. It offers everyone complete control over their digital assets and transactions globally with negligible transaction charges. By eliminating any middleman it makes investing in hedge funds a safe and easy process. It allows peer-to-peer transaction of Veritas from their respective Veritaseum wallets. Borrowing technology from Ethereum, it allows Smart-Contracts for separate entities to transfer funds using commands without needing any human help.


Like all other cryptocurrencies that have their roots in Ethereum, the best place to store Veritas or Veritaseum is a myEtherWallet. Create a wallet and take care to store the KeyStrore file and password somewhere secure. Use this password and Keystore file to unlock the wallet. Then use the Add custom token button and enter the address of VeritaseumToken into the Address box, VERI into the Token Symbol box, 18 into the Decimals box and save it. Then go to the contracts area and add some more information like Contract Address and ABI token and in the subsequent menu hit the generate transaction to generate VERI tokens.


Veritaseum has been getting a lot of great reviews recently. The prices as of 17-2-2018 stand at 292.92 USD.  So, for a 100$ investment, you will be getting around 0.34 VERI coins. A long-term price increase is expected according to our forecast. A five-year price prognosis places the currency at 3736 USD which is an increase of 1175%. The price of VERI today is 292.49 USD. The supply is around 2,036,645 VERI coins and the market cap is at $596,576,219. The traded volume sits at $360,750. Veritaseum price prediction, Veritaseum price forecast, Veritaseum price and news, VERI price forecast, VERI price prediction 2018, What is the price of Veritaseum 2018.

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