Walton Coin (WTC) Price Prediction – 268% Increase in Two Weeks (WTC Coin Price Chart 2018)


Walton Coin is the native digital currency of Waltonchain platform that aims to merge Internet of Things technology with physical products. The platform attempts to make the process authenticity verification more transparent and universally-accessible. Similar to most other coins, Waltons can be used as a currency for goods exchange, or as a store of value and only has a fixed number of them out there.



The team behind Walton Coin includes a diverse assembly of computer science and industry professionals. The first public release of Walton Coin was launched in August 2017.  The money came primarily from a group of Chinese buyers through an Initial Coin Offering. Walton Coin had its roots in China, the crazy restrictions from the Chinese government made it impossible to function in China. The parent chain went on alpha testing in late October 2017. The platform and the wallet were made available to open testing in December 2017.


Waltonchain makes use of a novel “Proof of Stake and Trust” mechanism to add new blocks to the chain, which then rewards coin holders with new coins. The number of rewards is based on an algorithm that takes into account each address’ number of coins held and the “trust” as determined by the system. Since it aims to combine RFID based authentication with blockchain ledger system, it is often referred to as a “Value Internet of Things”  system. The information is provided in a deterministic fashion. It also allows users to create highly-customizable side chains without adding substantial data to the parent chain, thereby ensuring a fast-moving and easy-to-scale system.


As with any currency or coin based on the Ethereum network, The best way to store and transact with Walton Coins is through the popular Ethereum wallet MyEtherWallet. First, create a wallet on MyEtherWallet by going here. Keep the generated Keystore file and your password somewhere safe as they are the only resorts to get your wallet back in case of a tragedy. Then create your wallet using these two things and take note of the wallet address. then use any of the popular exchanges to buy Ethereum and then go to Binance and then exchange the Ethereum with Walton Coin and send it to your wallet using the previously noted wallet address.


Walton Coin has been in the news of late due to some key advantages it has over other cryptocurrencies. The price of Walton Coin stands at 27.48 USD as of 17-2-2018. If you invest 100 dollars to buy Walton Coins, you will get around 3.63 WTC’s. According to our forecasts, we will see a long-term increase in price. A five-year price prognosis places the value at 557.081 USD. The value of Walton Coin today is 28.02 USD and the market cap sits at $684,079,930. It has a current supply of 24,898,178 WTC ‘s and the volume is at $11,616,000. Walton Coin price prediction, Walton Coin price forecast, Walton Coin price and news, WTC price forecast, WTC price prediction 2018, What is the price of Walton Coin 2018.

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