Waves (WAVES ) Price Prediction – 288% Increase in Two Weeks (WAVES Coin Price Chart 2018)


Waves (sym. WAVES) is a blockchain platform that is open-source that acts as a platform for users to launch their own custom cryptocurrency tokens. Unlike popular ones such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, Waves includes the ability to create custom tokens in both its core software and wallet. Users can perform all transactions on tokens on a peer-to-peer basis and uses the native WAVES token to pay for it.


The initial proposal for the creation of Waves came in 2016 from Sasha Ivanov, the founder of Coinomat. Waves purpose was to address the issues with speed, scalability and user experience that was plaguing the industry and prevented the wider adoption of blockchain technology. The team behind Waves also includes Martin Spodymek, Alexey Kiselev, and Sergey Ishchenko. The development was funded through an ICO that raised almost $16 million. A Bitcoin gateway was launched in March of 2017, with the following months seeing the launch of Euro and USD gateways and decentralized exchange.


Waves function almost like any other cryptocurrency that is blockchain based but with some unique features thrown in for good measure. The conversion from fiat to crypto is handled by Waves through fully licensed Gateways and this then gets converted into the network’s native currency WAVES. Then the user needs to hit the send command which carries the amount to be transferred as well as the receiver’s wallet address. The coins then gets deducted from the sender and adds it to the receiver’s account. it also lets users create their own tokes using blockchain technology.


There are many different ways to get hold of Waves. The first thing you need is a Waves client. There is both a desktop and online version. the online version is easily installable on Chrome and then can be used to create a wallet. This wallet can then be filled with the popular currency Ethereum that can then be exchanged for Waves. This exchange can be done through any of the popular exchanges like Bittrex, Tidex etc.


Waves is an interesting coin to invest in as it allows you to create your own custom cryptocurrency tokens. Waves price was equal to 8.18 USD at 2018-02-16. If you spend 100 dollars today to buy Waves, you will have a total of 12.2 WAVES. Based on our forecasts, we expect a long-term increase with the price prognosis for 2023-02-10 placing it at 27.401 USD. Waves price stands today at $8 and have a supply of 100,000,000 WAVES. The market cap value is $817,865,000, and the volume is marked as $68,782,300. Waves price prediction, Waves price forecast, Waves price and news, WAVES price forecast, WAVES price prediction 2018, What is the price of Waves 2018.

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