Zeepin (ZPT) Price Prediction May 2018 to 2020 – ZPT Price Chart and News!

Zeepin Price Prediction 2018, Zeepin Forecast and Price Charts – When to buy Zeepin? What is the Zeepin price today? Zeepin Forecast, Short term and Long term Price Predictions for Next Months and Year: 2018, 2019 and 2020.


Zeepin is a complete blockchain based economy for creative individuals to get support, protect copyright and more. As of 16-3-2018, the price of Zeepin stands at $0.07. You will get 1428.57 ZPT tokens for your 100$ investment. A long-term price decrease is expected based on our forecasts. The five-year prognosis places Zeepin at 0.03 USD. The price today is $0.078. There are 293,827,778 ZPT tokens out there and the market cap is $22,687,501. The trading volume is at $984,894. Zeepin Price prediction, Zeepin Price forecast, Zeepin Price and news, Zeepin Price forecast, Zeepin Price prediction 2018, What is the price of Zeepin 2018.


Zeepin aims to be the platform of choice for creators and distributors of digital content to protect copyrights, boost sales and productivity. It uses blockchain technology and their own crypto tokens ZPT to create a transparent economic ecosystem in which all assets are traceable and transparent. Their proprietary “Copyright Pro” ensures that each and every copyright issued is timestamped and is immutable.


The project started back in 2017 with the first AMA on Reddit and the public announcement came in November of 2017. Their blockchain is under internal testing and is planned for public release in April of 2018. The Zeepin wallet is also set to undergo testing in April. The ZeeRights, ZeeCreate, ZeeSure projects are set for public release in late 2018 with other projects like ZeeCrew, ZeeFund, ZeeTalent, ZeeProof etc are set for release in 2019. 


Zeepin is based on the neo smart contract and a proprietary front-end library. They make use of a proprietary Authorisation Pro technology combined with smart contracts to ensure that the profits from any establishments or ventured on the platform is divided equally among the stakeholders. A digital identity-based platform makes it easy to build and recruit a team globally. Since all assets are traceable, it also presents as a secure place to invest in.


Zeepin tokens follow the same path as most other coins and can be bought using the marketplace, exchange, wallet trio. You need to have some Bitcoin with you which you can buy from places like Coinbase. After that, you have to deposit this onto the exchange account. Gate.io is a great option. After transferring your coins to the exchange account, select the ideal pair, in this case, BTC/ZPT. Store the coins on the official NEO wallet. 


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